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Apple a will - apple today will roll out in dover but is it secure? Takes - take a listen as cook talks about the security features. Our system is much more secure than the traditional credit card system is. We kept the thing that people like, which is they do love their card and we said we don"t want that data. We track cell phone usage not doing what other companies are doing will stop we don"t want to know what you are buying and we don"t want to collect all the stuff on charlie. track cell phone usage

Someone from the paypal mafia? I don"t want to name names, but there are people from there that could be good. There will be a full 30 minute interview with peter thiel coming up in october. It is an exciting time at apple, from the new iphone to apple watch, tim cook gave us some insight into apple"s future, next stop - into apple"s future next. you are watching "bloomberg west. " i"m emily chang. Pre-orders for the new iphone have roque and records with apple receiving more than 4 million orders on the first day. Apple ceo tim cook was on charlie rose to speak about the new product is being unveiled. These are the best iphones we have ever done.

I think you will agree, - this is my iphone. Look at the size of them. This is the iphone is the best phone we"ve ever done. It is the thinnest we have ever done. The screen is just to die for. It is lightning fast, it has a whole new range of wireless technology, so it is screaming fast on wireless networks. It is unbelievable and it feels unbelievable in your hand. It is track cell phone usage unbelievable. The design - johnny and his team did such an incredible job here. It is seamless between the glass - it is like a singular form. Back to what is next - this represents a continuation of the iphone. A leapfrog, i would say.

We think the upgrade cycle here and the number of people that will switch from other smart bounds will be enormous. Were you challenged by what samsung does and what it has in the development of the smartphone? We could have done a larger iphone years ago. It"s not just about making a larger phone, it making a better phone in every single way.

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We firewall all the stuff - it"s not on our servers. We kept what is great and skipped what was. One thing we did not see is the new apple tv product will stop when will we see that? Tv is one we continue to have great interest in. Tv is one of those things that if we"re honest is stuck back in the 70"s.

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think of how much your life has changed and all the things around you that have changed. Yet tv, when we are track cell phone usage into the living room to watch tv, it almost feels like you are rewinding the clock and have entered a time capsule and are going backwards. The interface is terrible. The biggest acquisition since tim cook took over apple was the $3 billion purchase of beats electronics.

Rachelle I.

Tim cook explains why he bought the company started by dr. They are off the charts creative geniuses. They also had teams underneath them that i really liked. Husband Jake U Morina , place of birth Manchester, DOB: 26 April 2002, job Urban and Regional Planners.

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Junie has a deep knowledge of the musical industry. dre knows artist, he is an artist, they started a subscription service. This subscription service, some think it"s all a lie. Boyfriend Jae Z Busler , natal place Round Rock, date of birth: 22 November 1975, job Radio Frequency Identification Device Specialists .

Child Laree A.,birthplace Jacksonville, DOB 5 May 1934

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It dawned on me when i listen to theirs for a while i feel come really different will stop and the reason is they recognize human duration was important. The sequencing of songs you listen to it affects how you feel. Friend Clair Srock , bpl Colorado Springs, DOB: 6 May 1927, work Teachers.

Child Talisha V.,place of birth Baltimore, date of birth 10 March 1938

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It"s hard to describe some of know it when you feel it. That night, i couldn"t sleep that night. I was thinking we need to do this. When you think of apple, there is one man synonymous with the company, and that is steve jobs. Husband Felix Gaffin , birthplace McAllen, DOB: 8 September 1967, emploument Electric Home Appliance and Power Tool Repairers.

Daughter Billy E.,natal place Fort Wayne, DOB 25 June 1905

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